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A Cosmic Interview with Paul Components – Final Part

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Cosmic – In early 2000 you released a versatile single speed frame made from quality Reynolds 853 tubing. What happened to this and why did you not continue developing frames further?

Paul – This was a short lived idea. Soulcraft made two of them and that was that. It became clear that was going to be a money losing enterprise for us both. I also have built several frames. Super fun but tons more work than I ever thought. I may return to that but for now I’m geeking on messing around with old manual machines.

C – What new components do you have in the pipe line for 2012?

P – Here’s a smattering of new products that you can expect to see this year…

1. Minimotos

Reverse bar-end levers. And a series of hubs…

170mm disk hub with Industry 9 (that ratchet SCREAMS by the way – super quick engagement) for snow/fat bikes.

130mm cassette hub with I9 ratchet.

135mm disc/non disk cassette hub with I9 ratchet.

C – Over the past two decades, you must have seen the bicycle industry, especially mountain biking, change immensely. How has this effected your business and what do you think the future will hold for Paul?

P – Cycling seems to be pretty popular right now. My hope is that continues, of course. The health/environment consciousness of the last decade has really helped. My business is established enough now that I am not too worried about a downswing. There will always be enough customers and ideas to keep us going. The bicycle is too special of an invention to be ignored.

C – Agreed. The wheel can’t be reinvented, but bicycles and peoples cycling needs will always evolve. Which is a testament to the power of a bicycle and mans desire to pedal.

So Paul, what do you ride to work vs the weekends?

P – Commuting is a passion for me. We’d save the world if more people did it. Naturally I have several bikes to ride to work on. Lately I’ve been putting a lot of miles on a Salsa Cassaroll with panniers and fenders.

If it’s sunny I’ll ride my Steelman fixie or a bike I made with a single speed freewheel. These three are constantly changing too while I try new parts on them. The Steelman normally has dropbars, ratty tape and Campy Delta brakes. Right now I am riding it with some sweptback bars and some prototype reverse internal clamping levers.

In about an hour, I’ll be doing a short single speed mountain bike ride with my girlfriend. My latest is a Retrotec 29er (beautiful!!!) and she’l be on my Soulcraft 26er.

I’m a mountain biker at heart but love it all. Probably do a decent road ride this weekend.

Have a good ride!


C – Thanks so much Paul for your time and honest insight into Paul Components. And of course all your support to date for Cosmic. We are very grateful and proud to ride for you guys!

Additional cosmic thanks go to Kate Carmichael at Paul Components and Mombat for some of the archive pictures.

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Now go check Paul Components products.

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