The raddest thing in bike polo.

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Come Hell or High Water

Surprisingly, despite having worked for the largest surf brands in the world, I’m not a fan of the water. I’m what the Swedish call a land crab or a tarmac tadpole. But that still doesn’t stop me from appreciating the ocean scape and those who ride mother natures greatest power. Be it riding the wave or the tarmac, there’s still a connection.

One recent film which captures not only the beauty of the water, but also the rich story of body surfing is Come Hell or High Water directed by Surfer Keith Malloy’s.

It documents the passion and progression of this surfing sub-culture and is an inspiring watch.


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Old Skool Todd

Found this photo over on Dead Rapper Polo of Todd, pre-cosmic and pre-mighty beard, as well as playing fixed brakeless on the infamous red Raleigh Team conversion – there’s certainly some history shown here.

But I love the photo for the flow it captures in Todd’s movement on the bike. You can almost feel the motion as he skid whips at speed. It’s a look and style which has pretty much disappeared in bike polo now most players are freewheel and dual brake. And as much as the game has progressed for the better as a result, it does feel like a golden period in bike polo disappeared all too fast.