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Palace Skateboards x Umbro

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Not many people saw this one coming…

London skate brand Palace, hooking up with iconic British sportswear brand Umbro, to launch a capsule collection inspired by England’s Italia 90 world cup team kit.

This may seem like an odd partnership at first, but it actually makes perfect sense.

Read why and watch the promo video and an interview with Palace Founder…

During the 80s and 90s, skateboarding in America was still supporting the californian dream. Where as the English skate scene was raw, often taking influence from British indie dance music and football terrace fashion. And still today, street fashion is remixing sports heritage from that golden age.

Palace takes huge inspiration from this period, notably with their graphics and promo videos, which are always shot on VHS – now a dead format.

The promo video, replicates a boozy English pub set in the 90’s during the screening of England’s semi final game against West Germany, quoted to be “the most momentus day for English football since July 30th 1966”.

The atmosphere in the video is spot on for that period and despite being set 20 years ago, could still be a typical scene in a pub of today – some British things will never change.

 Promo Video

Here’s an interview with Lev Tanju, founder of Palace, explaining how and why the project occurred.

Personally, I’m really into the results of this project. Not only because I love the heritage and idents of both brands…

But I grew up big into football (as well as skating and BMXing) during the early 90’s, so Umbro represents an iconic period of my youth – back then, what English kid didn’t have an Umbro England shirt with them names Lineker or Gazza on the back?

I’ve also been particular interested in how a streetwear / skate brand can work with a more mainstream sports brand to create a unique cross over product.

Reason for this is right now, cosmic is looking at developing a more tech team kit to play polo in. And the football shirt silhouette has been looked at. Not just for it’s performance benefits, but also how the graphics and colours represent a teams identity and heritage.

So watch this space for the court launch of something truly cosmic which will take polo wear to another universe.

To learn more about how the Palace x Umbro colaboration all came about, head on over to the Umbro blog and read a great interview with them and Lev Tanju.

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