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Bespoke Bristol 2012 Highlights

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I checked out Bespoke Bristol last Saturday. It was a great show, so much awesome stuff to see. You could walk around for hours and still come across new things not spotted previously.

Every year, awards are given out for best in. This years winners were…

Bespoke Bristol Category Winners
•    Best of Show – sponsored by Reynolds – Robin Mather ‘Camponneur’
•    Best Road Bicycle – sponsored by Reynolds – Ricky Feather ‘Rapha’
•    Best Track Bicycle – sponsored by Brooks – Demon Frameworks ‘Hermes’
•    Best Utility Bicycle – sponsored by Brooks – Mercian Cycles ‘Jane’s Bike’
•    Best Off Road – sponsored by Hope – Crisp ‘Il Capo’
•    Best New Builder – sponsored by Columbus and Ceeway – Matthew Wilkinson ‘ Mixed Gear’
•    ‘Touring/Randonneur’ – Roberts ‘Rough Stuff’ and Winter Bicycles ‘Wanderer’
•    Spirit of Cycling – 13th Floor Distribution (Tim March)
•    Public Vote for Best In Show – Robin Mather

No denying the wealth of the talent on show, but here are a few of my likes…

14 Bike Co and Continental Tyres showcased their new partnership bike featuring an amazing paint job inspired by the iconic Continental Gator Skin design. The unique finish was achieved mixing vinyl and matte paint.

Tim March from Albion, had this awesome 26er on show under the name Tubal Cain. The build details were modern, yet gave a nod back to BMXs classic race past. It fully deserved the “spirit of cycling” award, it was def one of the bikes I most wanted to take for a test ride.

Ted James finally showed off his 29er with a center mounted gear hub. The concept of this is to have a mtb / jumping frame which can run a standard spaced single speed rear hub yet be able to switch up  to a hub gear for those more gruelling off rode rides. The hub gear is mounted on the seat tube, which helps keep all the weight centered on the bike – making a lot of sense if you’re gonna be jumping around.

Ricky Feather has become the rising star of UK frame building. His work is of excellent quality and modern in design, building frames from road to ss as well as having once built a polo tourer.

At Bespoke, not only did Ricky have his recent collection on show, but Rapha also had his co-lab build on display as part of the Rapha Continental x UK frame builder project. Ricky’s bike for this won “best road bicycle” – which is an awesome achievement and much deserved.

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