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A Cosmic Interview with Paul Components – Final Part

Cosmic – In early 2000 you released a versatile single speed frame made from quality Reynolds 853 tubing. What happened to this and why did you not continue developing frames further?

Paul – This was a short lived idea. Soulcraft made two of them and that was that. It became clear that was going to be a money losing enterprise for us both. I also have built several frames. Super fun but tons more work than I ever thought. I may return to that but for now I’m geeking on messing around with old manual machines.

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CMD Top French EHBPC Qualification

Correction, Call Me Daddy (WHBPC 2011 runners up) have just topped the French EHBPC qualification tournament…not won the French Championships. Although some would say it’s the same thing.

Also, big pat on the back to runners up Hooks from Rouen, 3rd place takers Ma Couille from Bordeaux and the rest who have qualified for EHBPC this July in Paris.

Here’s the final rankings…

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Doin’ it in The Park

Doin’ it in The Park: Pick Up Basketball NYC, is a new film co-directed by basketball legends Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliaum.

The film explores the history, culture and social impact of the NYC streetball scene through the voices of playground legends, NBA athletes, and most importantly the common ballplayer who all day looks forward to calling “next” game at their local schoolyard.


I see so many parallels between Streetball and Bike Polo (3 on 3 format, courts, energy, passion, the rawness). Can’t wait to watch the full feature.

I know many bike polo players want to see the game progress from the streets to a more structured indoor playing environment, but part of me loves the rawness and creativity of playing on the urban “hardcourts”, just like Streetball and other “street” sports. For this reason, one of my bike polo ambitions is to play in NYC at The Pitt court.

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Fixcraft Polo Gloves

Hot on the back of recently announced Northern Standard gloves, now comes an offer from Fixcraft…

Promoted as the “slimline” and “affordable” alternative, these could tick the polo needs box perfectly.

It really is great to see more and more specific polo gear being developed.

But unfortunately these gloves will not be available till end of the summer / autumn, so we’ll just have to wait till then to literally get our hands in them.

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DVS Luster Cinelli

The good people over at DVS have just sent me a pair of the new Luster Cinelli edition from the DVS cycling range.

These shoe’s have got some neat added features. I’m loving the perforated full grain leather side panels and the tongue flap to prevent the laces from getting caught up.

Just check this funny video by The Foot Down to learn more….


I’m gonna be testing these out with some SPD inserts.

Hoping for some polo specific shoes soon!

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Waiting for Lightning

Waiting for Lightning is the documentary about the life story of legendary and groundbreaking skateboarder, Danny Way.

Danny Way has pushed the boundaries of skateboarding and action sports beyond anyone else. And his motivation to constantly progress himself and chosen sport, should be inspiration to any athlete.

This film will be an awesome watch.