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London League Final Standings

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So here is this seasons final league standings for both Division 1 and 2…

This has been the most organised league season so far, proven by the fact it actually finished on time!

Having two divisions split by merit, meant that the number of fixtures each team had to play was manageable and the competitive level was sufficiently testing.

Hats off to Pique and Max of Kings who stepped up to manage the show (release fixtures, update league site, dish out forfeits etc) and of course to every team, sub, ref and sideline supporter for their commitment through out the dark, cold Winter.

On a personal level, we are super stoked to be league champions. Not only because we’ve retained the title for a 2nd year, but this Winter we really worked hard to challenge our weaknesses in order to improve our game, individually and ultimately as a team. And it’s this ability to adapt that I’m most proud of in cosmic.

We’re now looking forward to the Summer ahead – sure it’s gonna be a cosmic one!

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