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UK Regional Bench Minor Tournament

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London has been given two team spots for this BM tournament to be held in Cambridge.

The two teams have just been confirmed as follows…

Team 1 -Mat (cosmic), Josh & DT (Nice Touch), Jono (Spring Break), Max (Kings), Bill (Passed It), Aidan (Dino’s)

Team 2 – Rupert & Todd (cosmic), Cam (Nice Touch), Brendan (Dead Rappers), Adam (Spring Break), Nik (Tornados), John H (Thumbs Up)

Team 1 is being coached by James of Nice Touch. James coached the London BM team at last years Griefmasters  tournament in Karlsruhe, Germany. He also spearheaded London training nights and offered one to one coaching for new players. This experience should be a valuable advantage for the team, especially as James will be focused 100% on coaching as he can’t play due to injury.

Our very own Rupert will be the player / coach for Team 2, so you know some cosmic tactics are already being marked up on the white board.

The BM format (traditional 3 on 3 rules, but with longer game times, using a rotating squad) is still relatively new concept, especially in the UK. Some players are against it, whilst others see it as a way to develop the traditional game and make it more dynamic. Either way, this is going to be a lot of fun and for a change, I get to experience playing against two cosmic’s – daunting!

Oh, and what an awesome poster!

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