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Riding the Long White Cloud

Riding The Long White Cloud, is a short documentary made a few summers ago by Alex Craig.

It’s about a bunch of skaters (legends such as; Rick McCrank, Chris Haslam and Kenny Anderson to name a few) who cycled from one end of New Zealand to the other, hitting up some skate spots along the way and pushing themselves to the edge.

I watched this film at the 2010 BFF and connected with it deeply, not only because it’s beautifully shot, but it took my memory back to when I traveled around NZ with my BMX back in 2002.

The film has since been released on vimeo and been posted on a few blogs already, but it’s so inspiring, I felt it deserved a revisit here…

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A Moment in Time

I was just flicking through the Polo videos on Vimeo and in the archive pages the film Manual, by Brendan of Blunt films and Dead Rappers (not forgetting of course London’s legendary team Bad Polo – 2 x London League winners), popped up.

The last time I watched this film was when it screened at the BFF 2009, so I just loaded it up to rewatch now over breakfast.

For those who haven’t seen Polo Manual, it’s kinda of a guide to Polo as well as a short documentary about London’s community during the period of 2008 – 09.

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