The raddest thing in bike polo.

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TAYA Chains

If there is one bike part that you must have ultimate trust in, it’s your chain. I’ve seen too many chains brake during a game and the result is not a pretty sight.

Playing Bike Polo puts a lot of stress on a chain due to all the constant stop, starting and sudden bursts of pedal power required during a game. This abuse leads to chains stretching far quicker compared to normal day to day use.

Therefore, the choice of a strong, light and durable chain is very important.

Cosmic is now proud to be riding TAYA high performance chains.

TAYA Chains started to produce bicycle chains in Taiwan back in 1969.

Staying true to producing almost every part in Taiwan and investing in better technologies as well as their workers, TAYA is at the forefront in sustainable chain manufacturing.

We will be testing out the Flight Single A , TB-980 and Super Single A Half Link chains…and guess what, they come in purple!

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Winter warmers

Thanks Josh for making this video, lovely stuff!

These past few weeks we’ve been spoilt with fantastic polo tournaments; The London International Invitational and Rouen’s Epiphanie tournament have been perfect winter warmers for the summer season ahead.

We added to the lengthy list of podium finishes with a 3rd place at the London International Invitational; we played Epiphanie with Alejandro in place of Mat, finishing in 5th. The mighty Hooks won both tournaments, obviously.

The European polo scene is stronger than ever, this summer is going to be special.

I love this photo