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Rouen ‘Epiphanie’ Tourney 28-29 Jan 2012

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We’re going to Rouen! Excited.

Always wanted to play on that court. Some say it’s the best in the world.

Unfortunately with the short notice on dates, Mat can’t make it, which we’re devastated about. That means we are in need of a super sub…

Welcome Alejandro to the Cosmic mix! Alej had a busy year, in 2011, putting his Hija de la Coneja project together which is impressive. So if you’re looking for a special frame for an awesome price you need to contact him asap as the first editions are running out! The 2nd round of production will begin soon.

You can find him through Facebook or we can provide an email on request.

For this tourney we shall be known as Los Cosmicos!

Check the team listing. Gonna be ace.

1 : Broken Legs (Rouen)
2 : Hooks (Rouen)
3 : Goldmember (Rouen)
4 : Rouen
5 : Mum lovers (Nantes)
6 : Vienna (Vienna)
7 : Call Me Marmou (Paris-Grenoble)
8 : Cocoricos (Paris-Lille)
9 : Polokinesie (Paris)
10 : L’équipe (Genève)
11 : Spring Break (London)
12 : Mallet ballet (Cambridge)
13 : Utopists (Lyon)
14 : Cocktail Polotov (Caen)
15 : Los Cosmicos (London/Barca)
16 : Scp (Paris)
17 : Ma couille (Bordeaux)
18 : Le BigMac (London)
19 : Poloroid (Paris)
20 : Tornadoes (London)

Here’s some famous Spanish eye art as a Cosmic welcome for Mr Carrillo:

One thought on “Rouen ‘Epiphanie’ Tourney 28-29 Jan 2012

  1. el jugador intercontinental!

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