The raddest thing in bike polo.

Todd’s Mods Jan 2012


I’ve decided to change my positioning on the bike. So rather than sitting right over the rear wheel, I’m now much further over the front. My wheelbase is incredibly short anyhow. Something like 91cm! So I’m still far back enough for super turning ability but my weight has shifted enabling better control of the front wheel.

The Thomson layback has been swapped out for a U.S.E Alien and the saddle brought forward in the clamp. The post is really light but I fear for the strength of the clamp. So far no probs but I may be returning to a Thomson inline post in the near future. The USE looks pretty awesome though…

Gone is the 65mm Profile Racing stem and Gusset cro-mo bars, and in comes a 110mm Thomson Elite stem and a standard alu flat bar. The weight difference is massive but because of my new positioning, the front feels heavier. That’s good for me as wheelies were a little too easy and I really needed to get more weight onto the front. And now the bike has shed a fair bit of weight too which becomes noticeable in the handling. Especially when needing to hop around.

Looking over the front of the bike feels great. It’s like I’ve tucked the front wheel right in and can easily play over the wheel. Steering with a long stem feels different but so far so good. I’m now considering adding rake to my forks to bring the trail down and add some stability. Though I’m still not convinced on what is the ideal trail for polo. Some say mid to high 60’s but I guess we’re all different with how we play and what we need from bike handling. I’m doing ok thus far.

And finally, if you look closely at where my cables meet the lever, I’ve used the little plastic tubes which you get in the Nokon mtb kit (I think they’re to be used to protect the cable housing rubbing on frame) to add strength. Believe me, this is really beneficial in stopping the cables bending and damaging the wires underneath. Always happens when travelling or in big crashes!

Ride On!

3 thoughts on “Todd’s Mods Jan 2012

  1. I’ve used a U.S.E. post before with that clamp design and i have to say I don’t like it, it’s fiddly to use and position and kept on moving no matter how tight it was. Also the bolt that runs through the clamp bent too.

    • Yeah I’ve heard a few stories of the clamp sliding off or the bolts snapping. It’s been ok so far but not sure I should travel far with it just in case. Shame as USE seam like a good company and they’re still pushing this design.

  2. The USE post is an excellent bit of kit, but designed to pretty stringent tolerances, beyond which you may have problems. In my case, this was meeting a Range Rover head-on…
    Surprisingly, the cradle remained intact, the problem was the head becoming unbonded from the shaft. My polo bike’s now running an NC-17 Empire Pro which is proving to be good and solid.

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