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It’s almost 2012! Cosmic are looking forward to a new year of magical polo. It’s gonna be quite a year for us that’s for sure. And what better way to start it than 2 epic tournaments and a new team jersey which we’re so excited about. I thought I’d give you a preview of what the shirt will look like via some cosmic animated gifs! More info soon…

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Adidas create shoe for bike polo

Def Machine blog, with the incredible url prophetmargerine.tumblr, report spy shots of Adidas’ prototype polo shoe.

Read here

Check out the 503 Portland area code on the toe box, and the knee/shin pads in the background.

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Art of Flight

Unfortunately, I missed the recent London premier of the much anticipated SB film, Art of Flight, featuring Travis Rice.

I heard it was insane and you’ve only got to check this preview edit out to understand why…unreal riding and locations.

If you don’t know Travis Rice, he is one of the most influential SB free-riders of all time and shown how things can be pushed to their ultimate limits for the good of progression.

The following quote from him sums up so perfectly the escapism and personal connection one gets from riding – be it a snowboard, skateboard, surfboard or bike.

“So many people are so out of it from letting super benign things really get to them, from social bullshit to getting pissed off at traffic, to distractions on television and the internet in the day-to-day circus. But when you separate yourself from this chaos, you realise that it’s just a flaw in thinking, a distraction from the present moment.” – Travis Rice

I’m so grateful for what riding has given me – keep it cosmic!