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Foot Down

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As of last Sunday, all 3 members of Cosmic are now clipless.  I have to say, I’m excited to finally see Mat locked to his pedals.  A sight I doubted would ever happen!

Finding good shoes has been a nightmare.  Or should I say finding ‘good looking’ shoes is a nightmare…

From our extensive research of current clipless shoes, there really isn’t much out there that ticks the Cosmic box.  At present, Rupert and Mat are wearing old stock Nike Poohbahs and myself the Shimano SH M055’s.  All awesome shoes but all nigh on impossible to get your hands on anymore.  So when they’re gone, they’re gone.

There are variations of these shoes, like the Nike Poohbah II or the Nguba, and the Shimano M056’s, but again, you have to be lucky to find them.  And if you do, chances are they’re pre-worn or just too old to last.  None of these shoes are still in production.

This has lead us to question, where are all the awesome shoes?  Have you seen the state of mtb shoes nowadays?!  So where do we go from here? What’s available?  There’s nothing quite like buying a brand new pair…

We’ve looked hard and there’s not a lot.  Some we liked were:

-Mavic Alpine

-Lake MX101 + MX100 (new for SS12)

-Shimano MT53

The more stylish clipless shoes like DZR’s, Chrome, & MW really don’t look solid enough.  Doesn’t anyone make cool trail shoes anymore?  A mid or high cut with solid sole, velcro strap over laces, and not too bulky and heavy?  Cool colours?!!!  What’s everyone else wearing for polo?  We know a few of you make your own, which we’d love to see, but we all feel they just wouldn’t be as solid as a specific mtb shoe.

After searching for our perfect shoe, we’re left with the best shoe around to suit what we need right now, the Lake MX155.  Seems tough and has an inner sock to hold your feet tight, meaning we can make do without an over the lace strap.  They’re not overly bulky and they have that retro trail shoe style that we love.

We will be testing them this week and seeing if they really are up for some tough polo love.  Bad news is they look set to be discontinued! Noooooooooo!

Just need to make them a little more Cosmic…

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