The raddest thing in bike polo.


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Here are two items that will be on my new polo bike.  I think I enjoy getting the parts together for new bikes more than riding them.

The Vans X Cult waffle grips are such a great idea.  Since I got my first pair of Vans Chukkas I have been a fan of the gum soled shoe for every discipline.  Now I can look at them on my bars too!  I go through grips very quickly, especially on the mallet side, so I’ll be back with a little update on these.

I looked for a quality 104bcd chainring for a while, the best I could find was a Salsa chainring that I could import from the US.  I love Salsa, I will have Salsa elsewhere on this new bike, but I found that I could get an even higher quality chainring made here in the UK by Goldtec!  I’m impressed with the quality machining, great finish and looks to be dead round.

Head over to Source for the grips, support the independent stores, and BETD for the chainring.

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