The raddest thing in bike polo.

Bike Polo Face Protection


Faces cages. So there’s a few out there. But what cage? What helmet? I’ve had a good few face injuries from polo. Mallet to temple, tooth (so pleased my mouth was open), cheeks, jaw, and the worst being a back swing which almost took my nose off. It did rip my top lip away from my gum which was nice.

I’ve found it difficult sorting myself out with face protection. I’ve spent hours trawling through the internet in the hope of finding something. But I’m awkward. Hockey helmets don’t work for me. Hurling, baseball, cricket, kayak polo etc all no good. That’s mainly because of the helmets. I can’t stand them. They’re hot and heavy. Kayak polo seemed the best solution though. But I wasn’t too sure of the cage. I certainly preferred the way they were attached without needing a chin cup! I have a beard to think about…

I’ve continued to use my Ekoi cycling helmet and love the lightness and air flow. I used to use a Bern but found it too heavy and bulky. The Fixcraft (baseball) cage fits it well but the bars are thick and like I said, the helmet is heavy. So all I could think of was modifying a cycling helmet. I’ve seen it done before but I wanted some of my own specifics. I needed lightness, comfort, visibility, air flow, and good protection of mouth and upper face. I can handle my chin being loose. The most important thing for me is eyes, nose, mouth. I also wanted the cage to sit close to my face with just enough space to take a hit without feeling the vibration.

After way too much consideration, here’s what I did:

Titanium cricket cage. This is a Masuri which I got cheap off eBay. I wanted this one for it’s bar positioning and lightness. I know a few players with cricket grills attached to BMX lids. They look good but I wasn’t planning to fit this the ‘proper’ way.

I sawed a few bits off. Including the ‘attachment’ areas. They weren’t needed as I planned to attach the grill upside down! This would alter the way the cage fits over my face.

1 x Hockey cage mount fitted to center front. To stop cage falling down.

The inside was carefully dug out and a washer fitted for strength. Then the mount bolted on with original fittings.

Couple of holes carefully planned for cable ties to hold grill sturdy and in place. Some tape around the hockey mount to keep cage in position. It’s not moving anywhere that’s for sure. Looks good huh? Photo filter effects also added to “keep it Cosmic”. The whole thing is pretty damn light and ways a lot less than my old Bern with no cage.

Job’s a good ‘un. Really pleased with it.

Because this helmet is on it’s last legs, I’m gonna repeat the process on a nice old road helmet with super air flow in a few months time. I held the cage over my nice Giro helmet and it would fit something like that really well.


2 thoughts on “Bike Polo Face Protection

  1. sieht scheisse aus!

  2. only works on you cause of the beard protection you have…

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