The raddest thing in bike polo.

A Cosmic Polo Bike


The new bike is now completed and it handles like a dream! The clear coat didn’t quite work out so a new paint job was needed to to put a quick stop to the rust. I opted for a really dark sparkly purple which has elements of blue, red, and green glitter in it. It appears almost black until the sun hits it and then it comes alive! Armourtex did an incredible job.

I’ve really noticed the difference in the handling. I can turn in super tight circles whilst also getting up to some serious speed. The Paul double brake set-up enables me to switch between fast and slow play when it suits, often leaving
the competition behind…  or in front. So it’s perfect for any size court which is great right now seeing as so many courts have various sizing.
Toe overlap is great and was based on my old FBM sword polo set-up.  Weight is right back over the rear wheel so I can play completely 360 around the bike at ease.


14 Bike Co (custom) polo frame and forks

Profile Racing 160mm bmx cranks with ti axle and 25t splined sprocket

Profile SS mtb disc hubs  36H + 16t cog to Velocity chukkers 26″

Paul Comp double lever to Paul motolite -brakes

Profile HIP stem and seat bolt

Thomson seatpost, Nokon cables, Gusset open prison bars, Carhartt grips, Koolstop pads, Schwalbe marathon supreme tyres, Shimano m424 pedals, Selle ti saddle, Pac tube pad

Big thanks to:

Kamil @ for a great frame build

John @ 14 Bike Co for taking care of the paint etc

BLB for building  the wheels

Paul Comp for the sweet brake set-up!

Schwalbe UK for your continuous support and the best tyres


3 thoughts on “A Cosmic Polo Bike

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  2. That is a fierce looking machine!

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