The raddest thing in bike polo.

These are the brakes…

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Disc brakes aside, there is no doubt this is the best brake set-up  for bike polo.

Paul Components have been making their Motolite v-brakes for years. And so perfect is the look and performance, that changes and updates are simply not needed. Teamed up with the Paul double lever and with some help from Nokon cables and the result is of pure delight! The control is insane. You decide how you’re slowing down. Because there’s no spring in the lever and the spring set-up in the brakes are different to standard v’s, stress on the cables is minimal. My previous single v-brake was harder to pull than this! So light on the hand! That means no more crazy aches in the wrists and forearm. Koolstop Salmon pads, Nokon cable (no noodles!), and Middleburn cable oilers make the set-up even sweeter. It just works like you wouldn’t believe.

Ok so Paul stuff isn’t the cheapest. But you ride your polo bike more than any other bike right? And it’s your favourite! If it’s not is should be! So stop buying crap parts and treat yourself. And did I mention how amazing they look?!!! mmm

Brick Lane Bikes are now stocking Paul comp inc Double and single levers, Motolites, and a fine selection of other parts.

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