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London League 10/11 Final Top 6

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COSMIC take the most important win in London…

# Team Points Goals Against GD Played
1 Cosmic 40 38 13 25 5
2 Nice Touch 29 40 30 10 5
3 Spring Break 23 37 31 6 5
4 DeadRappers 22 34 31 3 5
5 Degeneration 9 32 53 21 5
6 La Schmoove 9 21 44 23 5

It’s been another long season, but we’re really happy with the way COSMIC has grown and adapted, so winning the league has been a great achievement.

Thanks to all those involved in this season…and well done to the new teams for getting stuck in….shame we couldn’t have played everyone…but that shows the success of the London scene – the best in world still.

Also a little nod to those great teams and players of past seasons who for their own reasons weren’t apart of LIII. Your game and presence has been missed.

Till the next winter season begins, lets make the most of this summer!

One thought on “London League 10/11 Final Top 6

  1. 11 points between us and second place and epic goal difference!

    Very proud of how we’ve come together this season.

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