The raddest thing in bike polo.

Schooled by the boys


I guess you could say this was a pretty conclusive result.

Todd and Mat were amongst a long list of established names in the L.P.C. representing the Age camp and I was representing the Beauty camp with 16 other players who had been playing for an estimated average of 1 year.

Buffalo Bill (3 Beards/Degeneration) did a stellar job managing the Aged.  He was relentlessly putting out strong lines in the first half, managing to keep the lead for most of the Chucker.

Max (Zombie) and I were managing the Beautiful.  I managed most of the first half, with my main aim to achieve full squad rotation.  We had a team of nearly 20 players, of mixed abilities, so it was important to give everyone on the bench some time on court.  As the Aged established a more than 2 goal advantage we would hit back with a strong line to bring the score-line level again and give our weaker players some room to play without feeling they were throwing the game away when they conceded goals.  As the whistle was blown for half time we had leveled the score to 22-22.

Max took the reigns for almost the entirety of the second half.  The Aged came out of the break with much bravado, no sense of urgency and a distinct whiff of stale beer.  The Beautiful were energised, motivated and ready to dominate.

With the sun on our backs and Max employing some well thought out tactical changes we knew we had this game in the bag.  When our 14-goal lead was established with 15 minutes to go the bench began to relax and enjoy the inevitable result.

Bill played Mat and Todd for the final ten minutes, it was a valiant display of controlled chaos with some great link ups, a barrage of shots on goal and fearless domination of our D, but there just wasn’t enough time.

Final whistle, 45-36.


2 thoughts on “Schooled by the boys

  1. Ha…a good result for the youts of today, players of tomorrow. Both Todd and I were super grumpy after that game. Although we wanna rematch…us oldies aren’t ready for retirement just yet!
    Snoops most valuable yout. ;-)

  2. Well done thugs. Great display of polo and really took advantage of the old bastards! ha!
    Not quite enough time eh Mat?
    Damn kidz! ;)

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