The raddest thing in bike polo.

Summer times

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This world seems a million miles away from the London we’ve been seeing these past months.  But things are brightening up.  The sun is out, the courts are dry and there is a new polo court being built 150 yards away from my front door!

The size seems good, bigger than the small and techy Downham Rd court and a bit wider than the long and slippy Mitchison Rd court.  We’re just waiting on a surface and barriers.  I’m predicting a similar set up to Hackney Downs which is a grippy rubber cement surface that’s amazingly smooth, and full height cage style barriers which seem to be the standard for London green-space developments.

This is going to be a new training spot for Cosmic.  Might be a bit tough to keep the court sometimes and the park shuts at dusk, but for those breakfast polo sessions it will be perfect.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, there is a bowl right beside it!

And a big hill for watching polo and having a beer in the sunshine!

Summer times!

(Apologies for crappy pics, was in a rush as I wasn’t really allowed on the building site)

One thought on “Summer times

  1. Cosmic Tourney! Let’s do it!!!

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