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New Frame?


Todd needs a new frame.

The FBM Sword has served him very well but the time has come to give it up for something with a little more clearance in the rear for V-brakes and a slightly bigger tyre.

What’s it gonna be then?

A short fixed trick frame made by a decent company no doubt…

Who has some suggestions?

3 thoughts on “New Frame?

  1. I rate the 14bike cov2.
    Trick bikes generally have too long of a wheelbase for my liking, whereas the 14v2 to me felt responsive and stable.

    Maybe ask one of the frown guys from seattle if they want to sell their london open prize frames, as they are all pretty sated with their rigs from what I can tell.

  2. All-City Def Wish.

  3. Looked into the 14 but aren’t so sure it’s ready. I feel like I’d need time to get used to it where as right now, I love my bike and just want a little more clearance. Thinking BMW Launchpad in short and small. Looks ace!
    Will check out the all city…

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