The raddest thing in bike polo.

Cosmic V Los Conos: 7pm 9-2-11

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We haven’t played a league game so far this year so we’re all looking forward to this one.

Cosmic V’s Conos is always a thrilling game and never an easy one. These girls are tough and their linking up is incredible. They’ve reduced many a UK team to tears with the boys teams walking away with their mallets between their legs.

The game kicks off at 7pm tonight so come over to Harper Road, Newington Gardens, South London and see some quality polo. There will be a full evening of throw-ins too.

One thought on “Cosmic V Los Conos: 7pm 9-2-11

    Cosmic V Los Conos
    1. 5-0
    2. 5-1
    3. 4-1

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